Lots of new fonts added to glowtxt.com

The latest update to glowtxt.com added a ton of new fonts and a couple of new options.

The “Glowing Halo” option adds a slight glow halo effect around the edges of the font.

The “Solid Background” option can be used where you don’t want the background of a page to interefere with the display of the font.

The “non-animated” option displays the font without the pulsing glow effect, which may be not be ideal for all uses!

New font style “Insignia” (white outline/solid background selected) –

gold font at glowtxt.com

Some of the new fonts added include more handwriting fonts, along with a lot of new gold fill style fonts, and some other nice pirate and miscellanous ones. As usual, there are a couple more fonts hidden away in the “Style” option that aren’t shown as sample graphics on the front page.

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