New updates to Glowtxt text generator

Glowtxt text styles

New features were added to

The layout of Glowtxt was improved a little and controls made bigger, also, the following new features/updates were added:

  • Added over 20 new text styles
  • Added new XXL text size option
  • Tidied up controls and made them more phone/tablet friendly
  • Added more phone-friendly screens for downloading, get web codes, and preview background options
  • Added extra International unicode fonts, and auto-detect font selection for some languages
  • Updated fonts for “fruityfresh”, “oh hai”, “purple” and “substance” as it wasn’t clear if they were freely available for commercial use
  • New FAQ pages containing answers to more than 40 questions
  • Increased “Make Comment” max. width to 650 pixels wide
  • Better cropping of extra empty space around edges of text images
  • Much improved visual quality of text when “Glow Effect” is set to “None”, compared to before
  • Text now automatically updates after changing the background colour, also you can now press enter after typing a hex colour code into the boxes and it will update; also fixed a problem where you couldn’t enter the hex code underneath the colour swatch on iPhone/iPad
  • Other minor adjustments, fixed some washed out textures, improved quality of animated GIF colour palette
  • Updated font list page with all fonts used

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