TiltShiftMaker update

(Photo by Thomas R. Stegelmann)

New update: Hi-res downloads, shaped bokeh & more
A new update to TiltShiftMaker adds a number of requested features:
  • Hi-res downloads, up to 21 Megapixels.
The “Select size” button now replaces the old “Get full size” button.
Downloads are now available in three sizes, using a credits system:
up to 3300 pixels, 1 credit (typically up to 8 Megapixels)
up to 4400 pixels, 2 credits (typically up to 14 Megapixels)
up to 5700 pixels, 3 credits (typically up to 21 Megapixels)
Larger download sizes require considerable processing and may take a few minutes to complete.
Please note that all the free features of the previous version are still present, but you now have the additional option of hi-res downloads.
Click here for full details.
  • Bokeh shapes – You now have the choice of 8 different bokeh shapes, including the original “Default”.
These are:
Default: The original aperture shape
Circular: A standard lens aperture with a bit more character compared to the default.
Hexagonal: Hexagon bokeh.
Semi-Gauss: A combination of Gaussian and Lens Blur. Less outright blur, but slightly mistier compared to the default  (can create unusual/interesting results when used with enhance bokeh!).
Star: A solid star shape.
Heart: Lovehearts
Rings: A hoop shaped aperture.
Flower: A flower shaped iris.
Click on the thumbnail at the start for a heart shaped bokeh sample.
Bokeh shapes are most apparent in photos with areas of mixed light and dark. You can use the “Enhance bokeh” slider  to increase bokeh visibility, but be aware that strong levels of this may make photos look unrealistic.
Enhance bokeh results are also affected by selected download resolution, and the bokeh shape itself.
  • Image quality – Some people have asked about image quality settings.
These are now set as follows:
Jpeg quality 100 for all hi-res downloads, Jpeg quality 90 for downloads of 2000 pixel size or less.
Additionally, we have turned off Chroma subsampling to obtain the best quality color reproduction.
  • Image preview windows are now larger.
  • Processing percentage complete is displayed for large images.
  • Upload image limits now set as 8000×8000 max resolution, 20MB max file size.
  • Other changes:
– Enhance bokeh bugfix. On certain types of images, using “Enhance Bokeh” would create banding in the output photo. This should be fixed now.
– The upper range of “Defocus strength” was reduced slightly to accommodate the higher resolutions.
We hope you enjoy this new update.
If you have any queries or problems, let us know using the contact form on the site.