Announcing big logo

Tilt-Shift Maker ( is the first site that lets people create Tilt-Shift “fake miniatures” without using any special photo editing software.

This style of photo has generated a lot of interested among photo enthusiasts online, however until now it has required following sometimes complicated tutorials in Photoshop or other photo packages. Tilt-Shift Maker now makes it easy for anyone to try this novel effect on their own photos.

Sample tilt-shift miniature made using

Toy cruiser

See more photos created using TiltShiftMaker on the gallery page or Flickr group.

Lots of new fonts added to

The latest update to added a ton of new fonts and a couple of new options.

The “Glowing Halo” option adds a slight glow halo effect around the edges of the font.

The “Solid Background” option can be used where you don’t want the background of a page to interefere with the display of the font.

The “non-animated” option displays the font without the pulsing glow effect, which may be not be ideal for all uses!

New font style “Insignia” (white outline/solid background selected) –

gold font at

Some of the new fonts added include more handwriting fonts, along with a lot of new gold fill style fonts, and some other nice pirate and miscellanous ones. As usual, there are a couple more fonts hidden away in the “Style” option that aren’t shown as sample graphics on the front page.

Music skin generator created for


Check out this cool new Myspace music player skin generator that we have created for the people at

If you visit Myspace a lot, you might have noticed that some people have their own customised music player on their page. Now you can make your own one with this easy to use generator. Upload a picture to use on the player, or just choose your favourite colours then click the button to get the code to use on your Myspace page.


First test of PaperSnow site, final version to come (maybe in time for next Christmas…)

The idea here was to use mostly Creative Commons pictures as backgrounds for a java snowfall applet. There are a lot of snow effect scripts and pages out there, but they are usually tightly scripted, and mostly just simple animations. Papersnow uses a slightly more realistic and interactive snowfall effect to try out some different ways of combining images and coded effects on a site. But, it’s mostly there just to look nice 🙂