Announcing Textcraft

Textcraft - text and logo creator

Textcraft ( is a modern, easy to use but powerful text and logo creator.

Currently it features Minecraft and 8-bit style fonts, and a number of options such as coloured borders, drop shadow, 3d perspective, glow effect etc.

Textcraft is designed to be used across multiple platforms – it’s compatible with iPad and Android tablets as well as desktop/touchscreen/Chromebooks.

Choose from a range of existing text styles on the site, or create new styles and save them to your own profile page (free membership). A built-in style search function and Newest and Most Popular lists means that you can easily find something interesting to suit your needs.


  • High quality, fast, easy to use online text and logo creation engine
  • Versatile settings including drop-shadow, coloured borders, glow and 3d-style perspective
  • Includes Minecraft and 8-bit style texture and font options as well as general purpose text
  • Generated images use PNG alpha transparency to blend seamlessly into any background
  • Download created images directly or host online
  • Create a free account to save your text style settings or browse and search popular styles
  • Works perfectly on low powered computers – all you need is a web browser and Internet
  • Web-app designed as both iPad/Android tablet and desktop/touchscreen compatible
  • No popups or spammy downloads
  • 100% free to use