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glitterboo ver. 1.3

Changes in Glitterboo version 1.3:

  • You can now choose the background colour when uploading a file with transparency.

    This is especially useful when you upload a .PNG file with alpha channel transparency. In this case, some of the pixels are not fully transparent. However, the .GIF animation format only supports full transparency, so we need to decide what to do with the semi-transparent pixels.

    By selecting a background color here, you can blend the semi-transparent pixels into the background while also keeping the fully transparent parts of the image.

  • Fixed problem with areas of the interface being highlighted when holding the mouse button down and dragging it outside of the edit window. These parts have been made non-selectable so shouldn’t show up with distracting highlighting when accidentally selected.

glitterboo ver. 1.2 fixes version 1.2 –

This version addresses two bugs which would appear in specific circumstance.

  • Fixed bug where PNG or GIF uploads over 800 pixels width/height would have wrong transparency layer applied.
  • Fixed issue where uploaded images with multiple “.” ‘s in the filename would get stuck on “Setting up image..” message. – New semi-transparent edges on text + glowing background colour -  New semi-transparent edges on text + glowing background colour by moonstar909 now supports semi-transparency for non-animated images.

These are now output as 24-bit PNG files. Animations are still in .GIF format.

This makes it much easier to place text on a web page with a background image, and have it blend in smoothly to the background, or using the text as an overlay in photo editing software. All web browsers support this with the exception of IE6.

Another effect from this change is that using a background colour with text now gives a much nicer shining outline compared to previously. Use the “Super” glow option for maximum effect.

TiltShiftMaker 1.3 – Triangular bokeh with bokeh boost processing

tiltshiftmaker 1.3 - Triangular bokeh with bokeh boost processing by moonstar909
Original photo courtesy of Eric Newcomer

Tiltshiftmaker 1.3 is released, new in this version –

Major updates:

New Large preview mode – displays a single large window which shows the edited image.
Standard preview is now called “compact” mode – the size of this preview has also been increased.

New “Bokeh Boost” processing replace the old “Enhance Bokeh” control. This has been completely rewritten from the ground up to enable you to produce some really cool effects.

Bokeh shapes are now Bokeh Styles. These are in 3 categories, with 18 styles available in each category (for members). Bokeh styles cover the range from lens-like styles to abstract shapes, to motifs and symbols.

New membership option replaces old credit code system. Due to better code efficiency in this release, we can now offer unlimited hi-res downloads to paid members. Credit code users can still use their credit codes, or alternatively they can be converted to a membership account here.

Other changes:

Editing page was redesigned to be more streamlined and have neutral grey borders to reduce screen glare. Flickr group photos are now also displayed on the editing page, along with twitter and external tilt-shift photo related blog updates and links.

The maximum range of the “Focus size” slider has been increased. This means that you can have more of the photo in focus if you wish.

A bokeh effects page was added to show some examples of using different bokeh styles and settings on a number of photos.